F.C.C.’s Out of Control Licensing of the FM Band

FCC Logo

As we lead up to the first anniversary of my infamous blog which pointed out issues with the so-called “fixes” proposed to help the struggling AM band, fixes that would simply increase interference on AM, I thought I’d lead into my anniversary celebration week with a quick snap shot of where we are with licensed…

News/Talk Format Cheerleaders Missing Big Ratings Picture & Rush Loses Yet Another FM Translator


Have you ever noticed when something is charted and it’s on an upward or downward trajectory, there are always lots of peaks and valleys to the trend average? You see it with the stock markets, in the stats of professional football players and in TV and radio ratings. Whatever is being graphed will have slight…

FCC to Ban Announcers from Saying “Redskins?” Have They Thought This Through? (NSFW)


Doesn’t the F.C.C. or Federal Communication Commission have something better to do like attempt to save the dying AM radio band? Good grief.  The late comic George Carlin is rolling in his grave.  Remember his “7 Dirty Words You Can’t Say on TV?”  That case went to the U.S. Supreme Court. The F.C.C. is now…

Sports Media – When Did a Crime Become a “Situation?”

Adrian Peterson

Listen or watch the coverage of the NFL players that have recently been accused or convicted of “crimes.”  Child abuse, domestic abuse…last year it was murder! Sports media can’t say the word “crime.” To review: Ray Rice, running back of the Baltimore Ravens, was charged with simple assault and domestic violence in February, but there was…

iHeartMedia – Great Move! But, Gone are “Clear Channel” and AM Radio


Well I guess radio station lobbies will need some new signage! The name Clear Channel has been thrown on the heap of now gone radio companies.  Jacor, AM/FM, Taft, Citicasters, Citadel, Clear Channel.  All gone.  We’ll now only get to remember the “good old days” of Clear Channel, just like when we watch the DVD…

Limbaugh, Hannity Tossed into San Francisco Bay by Own Company


I learned very early on in radio, the people you pass on the way up are the same people you pass on the way down.  So when you’re above them you better not pee on them and call it a gentle spring rain.   “Despite all the spin and propaganda it was my decision to fire…


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