1st Anniversary – Famous Blog That Got Darryl The Heave-Ho


It’s been a year already since I received a copy of the “home game” from Clear Channel Media & Entertainment IHeartMedia.  While no reason was ever given, I’m sure the little missive below was reason enough.  I get it and accept the punishment.  I broke ranks. I thought some about how I would rewrite my…

Stupid Voters Want Conservative Government – Vote Themselves Tax Increases


On Tuesday as I was walking into the Lutheran church where I vote, a Republican party worker, who I knew, handed me a Republican “sample” ballot.  Next to him was a Democrat worker with that party’s “sample” ballot.  I said to her, “Can I have one from you too?”  I guess she knew who I…

Borrell – Media’s Future in 2024


Insights from Borrell Associates are always thought provoking and can also be shocking for the many who may think short term and avoid any long term planning. On Monday, the consultancy group which focuses on changes in the advertising world, revealed their predictions for changes in media and how media may look in 2024.  I…

F.C.C.’s Out of Control Licensing of the FM Band

FCC Logo

As we lead up to the first anniversary of my infamous blog which pointed out issues with the so-called “fixes” proposed to help the struggling AM band, fixes that would simply increase interference on AM, I thought I’d lead into my anniversary celebration week with a quick snap shot of where we are with licensed…

News/Talk Format Cheerleaders Missing Big Ratings Picture & Rush Loses Yet Another FM Translator


Have you ever noticed when something is charted and it’s on an upward or downward trajectory, there are always lots of peaks and valleys to the trend average? You see it with the stock markets, in the stats of professional football players and in TV and radio ratings. Whatever is being graphed will have slight…

FCC to Ban Announcers from Saying “Redskins?” Have They Thought This Through? (NSFW)


Doesn’t the F.C.C. or Federal Communication Commission have something better to do like attempt to save the dying AM radio band? Good grief.  The late comic George Carlin is rolling in his grave.  Remember his “7 Dirty Words You Can’t Say on TV?”  That case went to the U.S. Supreme Court. The F.C.C. is now…


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