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This past weekend I was at a very classy wedding.  A wonderful venue in Covington, KY across the river from downtown Cincinnati.  Beautifully decorated.  Glowing chandeliers.  Wonderful food and the bar open. The pinot grigio was excellent.  Yes, I could have thrown back some Bud Light, but considering the location and guests, I thought I’d…

The Tale of Two Americas and the Great Opportunities for Talk Radio


There was a regular caller on 700WLW back in the day, so regular we created a jingle for him: “He hates blacks.  He hates Jews.  Here come some more of his Aryan views.  It’s Ken!” Ken reads this blog and while I don’t agree with the majority of his views (few would), I respect him…

Racine’s Don Rosen Fired After 24 Years – Outrageous Way He was “Right-Sized.”


Radio, media and broadcasting have always been a tough business.  You’re only as good as your last ratings book and the revenues of the business.  Thus, my “Rule #1: Ratings and Revenue.” If you don’t understand this, chances are you’re doomed. But, with all the changes in recent years, the lay-offs still have come with…

Darryl Receives His Invite to the Consumer Electronics Show – Radio at Least Mentioned


When it comes to electronic gadgets, it doesn’t get any bigger than the International Consumer Electronics Show, the CES, each January in Las Vegas.  In 2015, the event starts January 6th and runs until January 9th. The CES usually takes place right before the annual AVN or porno awards in Las Vegas, which this year…

John Kiesewetter – Keeper of Cincinnati’s Broadcast History Will Be Missed


Newspaper media critics and the radio and television personalities they cover have always had an interesting interaction. On one hand, those in radio and television want the free publicity given to them by these critics.  But, when a story doesn’t meet to their satisfaction those radio and television personalities are the first to point the…

iHeart Media to Fire a Third of Who’s Left?


That’s what radio industry watchdog Jerry Del Colliano of Inside Music is reporting.  With indigestion from Thanksgiving feasts just starting to wane, his latest blog is sure to cause more heartburn for thousands of people and their families. Let’s face it.  It is what’s expected in the halls at Clear Channel iHeart Media offices across…

1st Anniversary – Famous Blog That Got Darryl The Heave-Ho


It’s been a year already since I received a copy of the “home game” from Clear Channel Media & Entertainment IHeartMedia.  While no reason was ever given, I’m sure the little missive below was reason enough.  I get it and accept the punishment.  I broke ranks. I thought some about how I would rewrite my…

Stupid Voters Want Conservative Government – Vote Themselves Tax Increases


On Tuesday as I was walking into the Lutheran church where I vote, a Republican party worker, who I knew, handed me a Republican “sample” ballot.  Next to him was a Democrat worker with that party’s “sample” ballot.  I said to her, “Can I have one from you too?”  I guess she knew who I…


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