Background on V. Stiviano. She Changed Her Name Too.

The controversy happening with still NBA owner Donald Tokowitz Sterling has focused almost entirely on him and the recording featuring his enlightened views of African-Americans.

v_stiviano1To be fair there is another voice on that tape.  That of Maria Vanessa Perez or as we know her V. Stiviano.  Just as Donald Tokowitz Sterling seems to have issues with his given name of Tokowitz, V. Stiviano seems to have problems with her Latino and Black heritage, having changed her name from Maria Vanessa Perez to something that sounds Italian.  Very chic.

How did this old coot Tokowitz Sterling get so deep into this crap?  At 80 years old you’d think he would kick back, manage his slum apartments, collect his rent, evict deadbeats and watch NBA games from his court side seats.

I’m guessing having $2 billion in the bank forces you to start thinking below the belt.

Maria V. has never claimed to be the girlfriend of Donald.  Nope.  Not a mistress.  Didn’t go down there.

This mess started a few weeks ago in March when Donald’s wife Rochelle filed suit demanding the “gifts” Donald gave Maria V. over the years be returned.  In 2003 Rochelle did the same thing with another a mistress named Alexandra, who Donald admitted paying $500 a trick and proudly saying, “And if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t give her anything.”  That story can be found on this blog.

Demanding gifts be returned, filing suit and giving depositions seems to be the motus operandi of Rochelle when trying to keep Donald zipped up.

What were the gifts Maria V. received from Donald for NOT being his mistress?

  • $1.8 million duplex
  • A Ferrari
  • Not one…two Bentley’s
  • A Range Rover
  • About $240,000 in cash

All gifts Maria V. received from Donald were without Rochelle’s knowledge according to the lawsuit.

Of course she didn’t know.  How’s that conversation supposed to go?  “Hey Rochelle.  There’s this girl that’s half Mexican and half Black and I now how we feel about those people, but she’s almost 50 years younger than me and I want to have sex with her.  Would you mind if I bought her a couple of Bentley’s?”

Rochelle said Maria V. met Donald at the Super Bowl a few years back and that she targets wealthy older men.

Maria V. markets t-shirts and hats and gets famous people to pose in her designer wears, posting pictures on Instagram.

An advertisement from 2011 lists her as a “Director” with the Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation.  In a timely statement last weekend from Clippers’ President Andy Roeser, he says the woman in the audio is accused of embezzling more than $1.8 million.


  • Maria V. is striving to be famous for just being famous.
  • Maria V. likes nice cars.
  • Donald is a sexually desperate old man.
  • Rochelle likes suing his girlfriends and giving depositions.

  1 comment for “Background on V. Stiviano. She Changed Her Name Too.

  1. Hans von Balkovsky
    April 30, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    Maybe Billy Crytal should be saying Adam Silver should go after Israel’s two-tiered treatment of white and black Jews rather than Putin.

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