80 Million Reasons the Kasem Clans Battle


“It’s from a man in Cincinnati, Ohio and here’s what he writes.” – Casey Kasem

Just when you thought the freak show during Michael Jackson’s last years was grotesque, two western states now bring us the battling “Kasem Clans.”  It’s a battle so large no one state can contain it.

The Monday, June 2nd edition of the broadcast industry newsletter RAMP started its article about the latest Kasem family shame this way: “What may be the final chapters in the life and legacy of radio legend Casey Kasem continue to be further tarnished by the tragic circumstances of a family at war over his medical care.”

“Ponderous.  F***in’ ponderous.” – Casey Kasem

I get that people want to believe the best in other people and that people want to think others have best intensions in mind when a “so-called” loved one is in their final days, but let’s not be naive.  It comes down to what the dead leave behind and if it’s big money the battle won’t be pretty.  As I stated in a previous blog, “When you’re worth more dead than alive, watch out.”

“This one is about kids and pets and something we can all understand.” – Casey Kasem

There are 80 million reasons Casey Kasem’s kids from his first marriage and his second wife Jean and her kid with Casey began a modern day Hatfield and McCoy feud.  Casey’s got $80 million in the bank!

“What the hell’s going on here?” – Casey Kasem

Each side in this feud had video cameras rolling as Casey, guarded by a biker gang in a Washington State home, was loaded in an ambulance and taken for evaluation.

“Play the record, OK.  Please.” – Casey Kasem.

Casey’s wife Jean, in a symbolic gesture, threw a pound of ground beef in the direction of Casey’s daughter (from his first marriage) Kerri saying, “In the name of King David, I threw a piece of raw meat into the street in exchange for my husband to the wild rabid dogs.”

“They do this to me all the time. I don’t know what the hell they do it for.” – Casey Kasem

Jean continued, “Will this madness ever end?”

“Is Don on the phone?” – Casey Kasem

My experience shows most decent families wait until the body is cool before fighting over dinner plates, spoons, vases and other items the departed leaves behind.  Then again I come from a blue collar family, so I wouldn’t know how my family would react if there was $80 million at stake.


I’m believing in the good will of my family.  Truth is for that kind of coin they’d be throwing ground meat at each other and quoting the King James version of the Bible too.

“I thought we were almost finished.  Good Golly Miss Molly.” – Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem is a man who carefully crafted an image for himself, staying clear of controversy.  By all accounts he is a nice, caring and decent man.  I met him once.  He was kind and genuinely seemed interested in meeting me.  I know he didn’t remember my name shortly after we shook hands.  Still he made me feel important.  It was a thrill to meet him.

Now in his last days, both sides of his family have turned his life into a freak show.  Casey is a man who’s voice made him wealthy.  Jean, his wife of 34 years, played a recording of him moaning and crying for the media.  He no longer can care for himself or protect his image and his family takes to making a mockery of his legacy.  Sad.

We’ll never know what Casey is thinking due to his illness.  I’d guess he’s thinking the $80 million dollars in the bank isn’t worth it.

“I want a goddamn concerted effort to come out of a record that isn’t a f***ing uptempo record every time I do a goddamn death dedication.”

  4 comments for “80 Million Reasons the Kasem Clans Battle

  1. KC
    June 3, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    Say what you want about the Jacksons, they never threw meat at each other.

    • Teebiscuit
      July 22, 2014 at 2:22 am

      The Jackson’s didn’t have 80 million reasons to throw meat. lol.

  2. Hans von Balkovsky
    June 4, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    Could you please devote equal space to a scandal about the Don Kirshner family?

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