Month: January 2015

NFL understands “Rule #1” and has you by “The Balls”

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We find ourselves living through another crisis to America’s confidence.  “Deflate-gate.” Listening to sports talk radio the past week I was struck by the faux outrage of poorly prepared talk hosts and their disbelief that an NFL head coach and quarterback may have cheated.  Shockingly stretching the rules to gain a unfair advantage.  With billions…

Seize the Power of Technology – Control Your Bright Future

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This past weekend I was at a very classy wedding.  A wonderful venue in Covington, KY across the river from downtown Cincinnati.  Beautifully decorated.  Glowing chandeliers.  Wonderful food and the bar open. The pinot grigio was excellent.  Yes, I could have thrown back some Bud Light, but considering the location and guests, I thought I’d…

The Tale of Two Americas and the Great Opportunities for Talk Radio


There was a regular caller on 700WLW back in the day, so regular we created a jingle for him: “He hates blacks.  He hates Jews.  Here come some more of his Aryan views.  It’s Ken!” Ken reads this blog and while I don’t agree with the majority of his views (few would), I respect him…