Month: August 2016

Fake Callers on Talk Radio? Say it Ain’t So!

First Time Caller

No way.  It can’t be.  Radio stations resorting to actually faking callers to gin up topics and make the programming (dare I say) entertaining?  Never would have thought of that one. Sports talk radio in Philadelphia is in bunker mode because “Dwayne from Swedesboro,” a regular “caller” to WPEN-FM’s Mike Missanelli show was actually station…

No “Salary” for Rush? What this means for local talk radio hosts.

Sign Here Talk Host 2

  So, four more years is what — The release didn’t specify that. Because I told everybody involved I don’t want any terms announced. I have never, by the way, released that kind of information about my arrangement here. Those numbers have always come from other people. My parents, my dad  always told me, “you…