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How Red Lobster is like AM (and Talk) Radio

I am one of the last believers in AM radio.  I love the medium.  It kills me to see the shape it’s in today. It didn’t have to be this way. A number of months ago I wrote a blog that received a lot of positive and negative reaction within the radio industry.  The FCC…

The First Amendment & Hate Speech

It was a Saturday morning a number of years ago and the radio station I programmed, WTVN in Columbus, had this talk show called “Saturday Morning Open Phones.”  Basically, conspiracy nuts called up to spew their seditious opinions to a disinterested host.  One weekend a caller suggested President Clinton should take a head shot.  Within…

The future viability of AM stations won’t be helped by FM translators for a simple reason.  They’re on FM.


– Darryl Parks