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3 Ways To Host a Radio Talk Show

Hillary Donald

We’re about four months until the presidential election and arguably our choice is between two turd candidates.  On November 8th, we’ll walk into the voting booth and there will sit two steamers.  One, our brain reasons, has whipped cream on top.  The other is just plain crap.  We’ll stick the ballot in our mouth and…

AM Radio No Longer Has Time On Its Side


AM radio, the senior broadcast band, no longer has the luxury of time to correct its problems, if those problems can be corrected at all. This week there’s an assembly of “radio people” in Atlanta.  The annual NAB/RAB Fall Radio Show, where station owners get to have free drinks on the vendors gathered trying to…

Net Neutrality – What It Means to You

Net Neutrality

The following is a repost of a column I recently wrote for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber  Click Here for their latest newsletter. You’re to think of the recent “net neutrality” ruling as freedom through regulation. The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, a government regulatory agency regulated and regulators, as you know, will regulate. Yes.…