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The Annual “Radio Show” That Accomplishes Nothing


It’s all very exciting. Each fall, old white guys in ill fitting suits, wrinkled button down collar shirts, unpolished shoes and ties fashionable in 1986, American radio broadcasters if you will, gather in a different city to discuss what’s right and wrong with the radio industry, discuss theories, drink a few beers and return home…

F.C.C. Acts To “Save” AM Radio (and does something else too)


You can imagine my surprise last Friday night when the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) announced it was moving forward with its plan to help AM radio survive.  “Ratchet Rule?”  Marconi must have come up with that.  Change it. Transmitters that decrease carrier levels when low or no audio is present to save electricity?  Sign us…

Why Your Favorite FM Station Doesn’t Come In As Good Anymore

Radio Tower

A lot can be learned from data and tracking it. For example, in radio and television, there are Nielsen ratings. You analyze ratings by the week, month or over a year to develop and see a trend. Is the station or program going up or down? Trending up is good. Trending down is bad. One…