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John Kiesewetter – Keeper of Cincinnati’s Broadcast History Will Be Missed


Newspaper media critics and the radio and television personalities they cover have always had an interesting interaction. On one hand, those in radio and television want the free publicity given to them by these critics.  But, when a story doesn’t meet to their satisfaction those radio and television personalities are the first to point the…

Darryl’s Memorial Day Speech


I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker at the Anderson Township, Ohio Memorial Day Observance.  Here’s the text of the speech. I’M HONORED TO BE HERE ON THIS IMPORTANT DAY, ONE THAT IS EASILY MINIMIZED BY A WEEKEND FILLED WITH STORE SALES, COOKOUTS AND OTHER EVENTS. WE’RE HERE TODAY TO HONOR OUR SERVICE…

How Much Buckeyes Pay to Run Up Record


Each year Ohio State University’s football team plays other football teams that are (how shall I say) “not as good.”  OSU and other big college teams do this to run up their records in September of each season before conference play starts. In 2014 OSU will be handing out checks worth over $2 million to…