Rule #1 for CNN with Malaysia Airlines

For years I have offended some by revealing my Rule #1 (a media secret) – “It’s about Ratings and Revenue.”  The motivation of the media is easy to understand.  Get the most people watching, listening or reading, so you can sell commercials or ads at the highest possible rate.  There are some that will argue there’s a public trust or a sole purpose to inform and enlighten.  They’re delusional.

The cable news channels, like Fox News or MSNBC, openly criticize their competition’s personalities and news choices.  This normally happens when their competition’s ratings are increasing.  They also employ trolls to go on the internet and place stories of their “dominance” or their competition’s “weakness” on social media sites and then you, according to their plan, “like,” “share” or “retweet” their propaganda with your friends.  It really is crafty.

CNN_Malaysia Air

Of late, CNN has been getting a lot of criticism and a lot more people watching because of their (almost) 24/7 coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.  Hour after hour is filled with opinions, theories, conspiracies, talk of astrophysics and belief in the “All Mighty” trying to discover where the plane might be. There was a suggestion by a CNN anchor the plane was swallowed up by a “black hole.”  The same anchor brought God into it saying, “Especially today, on a day we deal with the supernatural, we go to church, the supernatural power of God.  People are saying to me why aren’t you talking about the possibility and I’m just putting it out there, that something odd happened to this plane, something beyond our understanding?”

I guess God could be keeping a big secret on this one, but I’d first conclude Newton’s “Laws of Gravity” took hold of the plane at some point in its flight.

In the past month, since the plane vanished, there have been weeks CNN’s ratings have increased 100%.  And that means they can charge their clients, the companies selling denture adhesive, laxatives and adult diapers, more money for those commercials.

In 2013 CNN was projected to take in $1.11 billion in revenues (64% of revenues are from fees you pay through your cable bill).  The Malaysia Airlines story won’t last forever.  I’m guessing there are those in the CNN boardroom trying to figure out how to get another plane to go missing so they can increase ratings and revenues a little more.

CNN won’t tell you why it’s covering the missing flight MH370 almost 24/7.  Are they ashamed they’re profiting from the possible deaths of 239 people?

Nah. It’s about “Ratings and Revenue.”  The immutable law of American media.

MH370 Search Reaches $44 Million

Something caught my eye this morning.  26 countries are involved in searching for Malaysia Airlines – Flight MH370.

MH370There are airplanes, satellites, warships, even submarines searching.  The Boeing 777 has been missing for over a month.  The cost of this search is now topping $44 million.  I did a little research and that’s about equal to the cost of finding the Air France plane that went into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009.  That search took over 2 years. This $44 million is in one month.

The $44 million does not include military assets being used by Great Britain, France, New Zealand or South Korea.  And it doesn’t include the costs of civilian aircraft or (wait for it) “intelligence analysts” from countries across the globe.

From the beginning this has been weird.  Jumbo jets don’t disappear and it’s rather to hide a plane, not to mention hiding the hundreds of people on board.  The truth is no one is positive this plane actually flew along an arc to the southern Indian Ocean crashing 1000 miles off the western coast of Australia.  Most available information the past month has been nothing but opinion.

Since I am one to challenge convention and thought, I need to ask a simple question.  “Why?”  As in “Why such a big effort?”  This is a problem for Malaysia and China.  You can include a few other nations in that region if you wish.  Regardless of Boeing being an American company, why is the U.S. military involved in this search?  Or Great Britain or France?  And “why” are “intelligence” agencies and personnel involved?

What was on MH370 that is causing 26 countries to search for it?  The cost for this search when all is said and done is estimated to be well into the hundreds of millions of dollars.  There was not this type of search effort in 2009 when Air France Flight AF447 crashed into the Atlantic.

I’ll leave you with this question.  “Who shot it down and why?”




How Much Buckeyes Pay to Run Up Record

Each year Ohio State University’s football team plays other football teams that are (how shall I say) “not as good.”  OSU and other big college teams do this to run up their records in September of each season before conference play starts.

osu_fansIn 2014 OSU will be handing out checks worth over $2 million to get non-conference teams to play them.  THE University of Cincinnati is getting a quick pay day of $888,246. Kent State will be paid $850,000 for the two hour bus ride.  Virginia Tech will show up at the Horseshoe and get a measly $350,000.

ESPN also reports the Buckeyes are getting a check themselves.  $850,000 to play Navy in Maryland to open the 2014 college football season on August 30th.

Members of Congress Underpaid? Some say, “Yes.”

The average salary for the worker bees of America is about $48,000 annually. A member of congress makes $174,000 a year.  And that’s before benefits.

James_MoranIt seems Virginia House Democrat James P. Moran thinks he and his fellow congressman are being abused and not paid enough.  He plans to make sure this injustice is made known by adding on an amendment to the coming Legislative Branch bill.  He wants his voice heard in front of the full House of Representatives when it considers the bill. Moran told Roll Call, “I think the American people should know that members of Congress are underpaid.”  “This is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”  It seems on the state level most members of a state house get a per diem and he thinks the U.S. government is cheap and should do the same.

When I first saw this on Roll Call I thought it was a joke.  But, sadly it’s not.  Rep. Moran knows this won’t pass.  He just wants to bring the plight of those who serve in Congress to your attention. So I thought I’d bring their benefits to your attention.

  • $174,000 annually.  If you hold a job like Speaker of the House you get more.
  • Allowance.  This is the funny money that goes to maintaining their offices.  They get close to a million dollars for staff and another quarter of a million for office expenses, travel and the ever popular “franking.”  And no need to buy stamps.  They get free mail.
  • Office space is primo.  Senators, for example, can have offices over 8,000 square feet that you fund.  Plus, another $40,000 to outfit their office back in their home state.
  • A bonus tax deduction of $3000 for expenses while “working” outside their home state.  Nice.
  • They get the same health insurance coverage as other federal employees, which is probably better than your plan.
  • Pension?  401K?  You normally have a choice of one or the other.  Not a congressman.  They get both!  They can sign up for a 401K “thrift savings plan” with you matching their contributions up to 5%  The pension plan, members get an immediate full pension at 62 if they served 5 years or more (less than one term for a Senator).
  • Social Security.  That too.
  • To be fair, a member of Congress is always campaigning and fund raising, looking for the next dollar to buy a yard sign.  But, did you know the Senate is in session about 3 days a week?  Not counting the breaks for what they call “work periods.” They also take breaks for President’s Day, spring break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, a long summer break, a break in October for elections and a break during the holidays.  Do you get time off like this?  I thought so.

Moran, who is 69, is retiring after this term (that’s why he’s going rouge).  He’s been in Congress since 1990 and is an investment broker by trade.  He ranks as the 404th wealthiest member of Congress  with a net work of $8000.  And he’s an investment broker?

We deserve who we elect.

Investment broker?  Really?