Outraged at Sinclair Broadcasting? Examples – they’re doing nothing new.

The media world is in full crisis mode because Sinclair Broadcasting is using its television stations to give an opinion about so-called “fake news.” Holy shit!

What’s all the hubbub really about…Bub?

Are you (because I don’t and because I know) to believe that this is the first time “evil corporate despots” have told their on-air and content producing staffs what to say or not say?

Next Generation Talks About Radio’s Future

Much of the commentary written and opined about radio today is by someone like me, no longer an idealistic college student looking toward the future, but one who, for better and worse, knows of, remembers, and is jaded by a past. My past and yours may no longer be important. But, there are those whose opinions carry a lot of relevancy for the future.

The shallowness of “thoughts and prayers”

On the night of the shootings at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, I was watching the opinion shows on the various news channels. One of the shows I watched was Hardball on MSNBC. Chris Matthews had done this show many times before. I wouldn’t be surprised if scripts were reused from previous “school shooting shows.” As expected, the zombies began appearing, the zombies that occupy the Washington swamp – the politicians.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launch was a commercial? Son of a…

Public relations savvy Elon Musk, who also founded the electric vehicle company, took the opportunity to launch one of his company’s products into space. A sweet cherry red Tesla Roadster, complete with a mannequin in a space suit behind the wheel. Note the car was an eye-catching cherry red. Not black, blue, green or any other color. It was a cherry red.

Data – Talk Radio has LITTLE Political Influence

  The political advertising spend is not happening for conservative talk radio where I live in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Oh, you don’t know about Hamilton County in conservative southwestern Ohio?  You may know it as Cincinnati.  It’s the conservative Ohio county that voted President Barack Obama into office twice, swinging the entire state to him…

A Native New Yorker Apologizes to America

The first time I voted I needed to declare a party preference.  Coming of age in the 70’s in the Empire State crime was everywhere.  The Son of Sam was following his neighbor’s dog Harvey’s instructions to kill people on Gotham’s mean, unsympathetic streets.  Meanwhile, factories upstate were closing, as local restaurants were suggesting people…