Fake Callers on Talk Radio? Say it Ain’t So!

First Time Caller

No way.  It can’t be.  Radio stations resorting to actually faking callers to gin up topics and make the programming (dare I say) entertaining?  Never would have thought of that one. Sports talk radio in Philadelphia is in bunker mode because “Dwayne from Swedesboro,” a regular “caller” to WPEN-FM’s Mike Missanelli show was actually station…

No “Salary” for Rush? What this means for local talk radio hosts.

Sign Here Talk Host 2

  So, four more years is what — The release didn’t specify that. Because I told everybody involved I don’t want any terms announced. I have never, by the way, released that kind of information about my arrangement here. Those numbers have always come from other people. My parents, my dad  always told me, “you…

Why WLS in Chicago has a 1.9 Share

Call Screen

50,000 watts.  Major League Baseball.  And the ratings are shit. You might ask why?  I believe I have the answer. When breaking news (or weather) happens, people are looking for information.  People that may never have listened to a station are tuning in wanting to know what’s happening around them. Think back almost 15 years…

3 Ways To Host a Radio Talk Show

Hillary Donald

We’re about four months until the presidential election and arguably our choice is between two turd candidates.  On November 8th, we’ll walk into the voting booth and there will sit two steamers.  One, our brain reasons, has whipped cream on top.  The other is just plain crap.  We’ll stick the ballot in our mouth and…

Radio Industry’s Fake Outrage Over KGO

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.31.23 AM

People are outraged.  People are sad.  People are in shock.  People are now, finally, speaking up over the execution of one of America’s former great and “heritage” stations, KGO-AM in San Francisco. Why now?  What happened last week to KGO has been happening to radio stations, personalities, talk hosts, support personnel and news staffs for…

What Happens to Talk Radio in November?


Translation: If you’re going down, you might as well go down in a memorable way. Donald Trump sure is memorable and the same could have been said about talk radio some 20 years ago. Conservative talk radio and the Republican party are connected, once again trying to energize their common “base.”  Each are equally disconnected…

AM “Revitalization” Destroying AM Radio

AM Old Time Dial

Bob Pittman, the head of iHeart Media, said this when announcing the company’s name change from Clear Channel Media + Entertainment. I can’t imagine former Clear Channel CEO Randy Michaels ever saying something like this. Ouch. It’s going on three years since the Federal Communication Commission (F.C.C.) announced plans for “AM Revitalization.”  Then, late last year, the…


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