Hey NBA! What Took So Long?

Having a few billion dollars in the bank has an interesting affect on people and those that surround them.  Their moral compass goes all crazy.


Donald Tokowitz Sterling, the still owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, got the Pete Rose treatment today from new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and had the bomb dropped on him for being stupid enough to be caught letting his true views of race relations in the world be recorded for history.

  1. Banned for life from the NBA.  No practices.  No involvement with his team, any team, the league and no bringing his half Mexican and half black girlfriend to his games.  She’s still welcome, but ironically he’s not.  He’s 80 years old.  “Lifetime” won’t be all that long.
  2. Fined $2.5 million.  The most the NBA can fine him.  He’s worth $2 billion.  Pocket change.
  3. The NBA Board of Governors will immediately start colluding to force him to sell the team.  Since he’s a sleazy personal injury attorney by trade, this should be fun to watch.

Tokowitz Sterling has owned an NBA team longer than any other owner.  He’s the “Dean” of NBA owners.  He’s owned the Clippers since 1981.

Here’s what’s bothering me.

Over the years, the other owners in the league, a league made up of predominantly black players and white team owners, knew this guy was a racist.  They had to.  These team owners make up an exclusive club.  They get together for meetings a few times a year.  You mean to say this guy never dropped an n-bomb in front of them?  Never mentioned his other business, being a slum landlord and his documented feelings toward his tenants?  Never?  Not even after a few beers?

They never read his given testimony about his hookers?  Really?

In 2003, Tokowitz Sterling sued a former “mistress” and had to give a sworn deposition.  Tokowitz Sterling and his enabling wife Rochelle wanted the gifts he gave to Alexandra Castro, said mistress, back.

Here’s what the NBA chose to ignore for 11 years.  Tokowitz Sterling was 70 at the time.

“All this woman did was call me every other day and asked me if she could suck me, if she could come in and give me a trick or if she could lick me.  Those were her favorite words.  That’s all she ever said.”

“Every time that girl saw me she grabbed my body.  She wanted to pull something and have sex.”

“I never paid her 15,000 a month. I paid her $500 a trick.  Every time she provided sex she got $500.”

“The woman wanted sex everywhere.  She wanted it in the alley, in her car, in the elevator, in the upstairs seventh floor, in the bathroom.”

“I wasn’t giving her money without her performing something for me.  And if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t give her anything.”

Sex, sex and more sex.  The suffering this poor senior citizen was subjected to.

CLICK HERE and read it yourself.

The Los Angeles Clippers have been called the worst franchise in professional sports, losing season after season, until the last few.  With the Clippers stinking and playing in the shadow of the LA Lakers, few would pay attention to them or their racist owner.  But, now they’re in the play-offs and unlike 1981 or 2003 there’s this thing called social media that no longer allows people like Tokowitz Sterling to exist and slither under rocks.

The NBA and its new commissioner took quick, decisive steps giving Tokowitz Sterling the “death penalty.”  It’s sad it took them this long to recognize the truth and do something about it.

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